VA Online Systems Issue 120,000+ Disability Claims Affected

VA Online Systems Issue: 120,000+ Disability Claims Affected

By Veterans Affairs Law posted on December 15, 2023

Chances are, if you’ve reached this blog or the rest of our website, you don’t need us to tell you that there are issues with the VA’s system for processing claims. It’s not uncommon for veterans to wait over a year to find out their application status, let alone make an appeal.

Well, these endemic problems have become even more apparent since at least 120,000 VA claims have gotten lost in their system. All of that occurs just as the organization pushes to add new enrollees through the PACT Act. 

VA Acknowledges Missing Veteran Claims

120,000 online VA claims have been lost because of technical issues, which is about 35% more than what they had previously claimed. They’ve acknowledged the problem, while facing continued pressure from Congress to fix problems.

“. . . it’s unacceptable that some of these errors persisted for years before anyone discovered them,” according to Representative Matt Rosendale (R-Montana), who chairs the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s panel on technology.

After reporting 32,000 lost disability cases in August, the VA found an astounding 57,000 other lost cases. Most of those pertained to adding/removing benefits from existing disability claims. In other words, it isn’t just initial applicants who face bottlenecks with the VA online bureaucracy. 

Department leadership even found 81,000 cases that had been misdirected through the system, slowing down decisions substantially. Although the VA intends to address the problems, and will apply retroactive payments, it takes months to occur, leaving thousands of veterans without crucial funds for lengthy durations.

Don’t Let Your Claim Get Lost in the System. Call us for Help!

What can you do when you’ve found your disability claim stuck in VA limbo?

Since the entire process can be stifling and confusing, it would be well worth your time to reach one of our claims professionals for assistance. It costs you nothing to ask about our help, which might finally expedite your way through everything.

Veterans Affairs Law is a team of attorneys dedicated to helping veterans obtain everything they've rightfully earned from their time in the service. This includes disability benefits, delayed awards or honors, survivor benefits, and more. If you need help in any of these areas, then contact us soon at 941-552-6677.

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