Are you a veteran service member from Pensacola, but haven’t been able to secure your disability pay, survivor benefits, or service awards?

This problem is almost ubiquitous across all military branches, nowadays, since the Veterans Affairs Office (VA) has become more and more bureaucratic. Fortunately, our mission is to help minimize this frustration and help you get the benefits and compensation you earned while fighting for this country.

Pensacola Veterans Face Uncertainty With The Following

  • Trouble Accessing VA Healthcare
  • Disability Compensation
  • Disputes over Military Service Records
  • Burial and Memorial Benefit Denials
  • Denial of Survivors Benefits and Pensions
  • Disputes involving Service Treatment Records

Those are some of the common troubles facing Pensacola veterans. Our job is to facilitate solutions to these problems by helping veterans file claims, and if necessary, challenge the VA with appeals.

What Can Veterans Affairs Law Do to Help?

Benefit denials are a tremendous burden for former military personnel. Most of it boils down to identifying the causal mechanisms that link injuries/illnesses to something that happened while serving. There are many examples, including difficult cases of delayed-onset PTSD, which the VA may not handle in your favor.

We’re also available to help vets maximize what they receive from their retirement benefits by ensuring they receive recognition of all their service commendations. Alas, this can involve lots of red tape, making it nearly impossible to win a case without experienced legal counsel on your side. We wish to help you reach success within a reasonable timeframe.

Veterans Affairs Law: Legal Counsel for Veterans by Veterans

One reason we believe we are uniquely qualified to serve veterans from Pensacola is because most of our team has a military service background as well. That helps us comprehend what is at stake, especially after seeing untold numbers of vets struggle with the system. Finally, Veterans Affairs Law is a proud member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates.

Veterans Affairs Law: Prompt Legal Guidance in Pensacola

Are you fed up with long waits over disability appeals or service award corrections?

Veterans Affairs Law can help you secure disability benefits and win your appeal with the VA. Since it’s hard to do that alone (without sponsorship), our attorneys will navigate you to victory as fast as possible. Contact us today to learn more by calling 941-552-6677.

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Are you a veteran or a family member of a veteran seeking legal assistance? Our team of experienced attorneys at Veterans Affairs Law is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can assist you with your VA benefits, disability claims, and other legal matters.

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