Lawmakers Crack Down on VA Discrimination After Disappointing Progress on Reforms

Lawmakers Crack Down on VA Discrimination After Disappointing Progress on Reforms

By Veterans Affairs Law posted on January 2, 2024

Lately, we’ve provided more coverage of the various changes to the way the Veterans Affairs (VA) office conducts their services. Congress has passed significant legislation to expand veterans’ benefits, and continues to expect more from that department’s administration, which hasn’t always been prompt about processing claims.

Now, lawmakers are exerting pressure on the VA to do something about discrimination in the benefits administration/approval processes.

51 House & Senate Members Push for Anti-Discrimination Measures

51 members of Congress and the Senate have voiced serious concerns over discrimination in the VA claims process, stemming from a lack of clear rules and procedures. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 called for greater measures to protect against discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Elected officials have accused the VA of failing to implement and enforce that legislation, to the detriment of many American veterans. 

Florida lawmaker, Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D) emphasized the need to “send a clear, resounding, and enforceable message that no form of discrimination is ever to be tolerated.”

The VA, under the Biden administration, has promised to address endemic discrimination problems regarding benefits distribution. There have, however, been accusations and pressure from focus groups, demanding further reforms.

Petitions from Veterans & Civil Rights Groups

The congressional pressure coincides with several petitions from no less than 14 veteran and civil groups across the country.

Rachel Branaman, interim executive director of the Modern Military Association, wants the VA to do something about the ambiguity in its appeals process. “Veterans, regardless of their background, deserve health care experiences that are uniformly positive, accessible, and responsive to their unique needs," said Branaman.

As you can see, with the increased attention on VA claims management, we anticipate further trouble for veterans who may suffer from discriminatory practices until these issues are resolved.

Have You Faced Trouble with the VA?

Whether you’ve encountered discrimination with your VA claim, or just plain inefficiency and frustration, you don’t have to fight the bureaucracy alone. It’s better to partner with someone who knows the appeals process, who can help you cut through potential roadblocks and confusion.

Veterans Affairs Law sponsors military service members who want to stop the delays or non-responses they’ve gotten over disability claims. We can help you finally gain the compensation and benefits you deserve after years of serving our country in difficult and hazardous duty.

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