Getting Your VA Disability Appeal Started

By Veterans Affairs Law posted on June 29, 2023

Have you suffered a disability denial from the Veteran Affairs (VA) office?

If so, then you may wonder what recourse you have to an appeal. Since 2019, there are three ways to accomplish this: 1) Adding supplemental information to your case, 2) Requesting a more senior reviewer, or 3) Utilizing the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

Of course, if you pursue these options alone, you might run into lots of bureaucracy and endless waits. Therefore, we’d like to show you how to begin the appeal process and offer further assistance.

Which Forms Do You Use for VA Disability Appeals?

The first step involves finding the right form for your disability claim. You would need one of three, corresponding to the particular appeal method you choose.

  1. Filing a Supplemental Claim - Use a Form 20-0995.
  2. Requesting a Higher-Level Review - Use a Form 20-0996.
  3. Requesting an Appeal through the Board of Veterans’ Appeals - Use VA form 10182.

Remember that once you receive your initial denial letter, you have one year to file an appeal. Follow the instructions carefully (for the applicable form) if you wish to have a strong chance at a timely response.

How Do You File?

You can still file appeal claims the old-fashioned way by mailing it to your regional appeal center, but it’s much more convenient to do it online now. The VA 10182, for example, can be found here at the VA website.

If you prefer to use the traditional mail system, just make sure you send it to the proper regional office. Veterans in Florida are closest to the VA benefits office in St. Petersburg.

Want Reliable Help with This? Call Veterans Affairs Law!

So, if you’re having any trouble with the VA, or need help with navigating the confusing appeal process, Veterans Affairs Law is here for support. By partnering with a reputable veteran-dedicated law firm, you have a much greater chance of getting your appeal past all the typical bottlenecks. We’ve helped countless Florida vets appeal adverse VA decisions, sometimes without even having to go through the Board of Appeals.

The experienced professionals at Veterans Affairs Law can help you breach the frustrating red tape you always experience with the VA, and get results faster. Our sole purpose is to help veterans obtain what they’ve already rightfully earned, including disability benefits, award recognition, and survivor benefits.
If you’d like to learn more, please contact our Sarasota office today at 941-552-6677.

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