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By Veterans Affairs Law posted on June 13, 2023

Are you a U.S. veteran, who has served honorably, but haven’t gotten everything you deserve from the VA?

This could involve benefits discrepancies, not receiving awards/medals/ribbons, and trouble filing disability claims. Alas, the VA has a responsibility of handling these affairs properly, but often falls far short of expectations. That’s where we feel in the gap.

Veterans Affairs Law is a Sarasota-based law office dedicated to the support of American veterans regarding these crucial issues and more. We’d like to share some ways we can assist you with various VA claims and help you finally obtain everything you deserve.

Benefit Claims Assistance

Benefits can be a contentious matter, but this need not be the case. Many benefits denials occur because of poor work by disability ratings officers at the VA. You may even find yourself waiting at least three years to process an appeal. With our help, there are ways to make things move faster and allow you to reclaim rightful benefits.

Help Filing Disability Claims

Veteran disability is a major problem in America right now. Many service members return to civilian life (difficult enough in any circumstances) while having to contend with PTSD, permanent disabilities, and even trouble securing employment. To make matters worse, there are several bureaucratic mechanisms that stymie veterans who seek disability assistance. Some of this stems from errors in the claims process. Therefore, our goal is to remove those obstacles and help you navigate the disability system when the VA gives you a hard time. 

Records Corrections

This refers to the cases where a veteran doesn’t get their service medals and ribbons in a timely manner. It’s perhaps the most frustrating when you receive an important honor or distinction, but aren’t able to utilize it when you’re looking for new employment. Our law firm can straighten out this problem and make the VA remedy any inaccuracies.

Handling Other Issues with the VA

Then there are a variety of other miscellaneous problems you may experience while suffering through VA red tape. This would include failure to review personnel records, not adjudicating claims, not sending claim letters, haphazard disability exam methods, and much more.

Have you experienced any of these troubles as an honorably discharged veteran?

Well, you’re not alone because this happens far too often nowadays. Now is the time to find a resolution to these matters with the help of Veterans Affairs Law. We’re one of only a few firms dedicated to defending veterans’ rights. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, then contact us anytime at 941-552-6677.

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