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We are veterans, community members, humans that know what it is like to have our realities ignored and denied. Our focus is to bring a voice to the veteran populace and community. We strive to ensure that the VA and Congress are held accountable for what they asked us to sacrifice. We will persistently fight the VA’s denials to ensure that your story is told and recognized.

Why We Do It

This passion began after discharge. Once the first claim was filed, denied, and prosecuted, it became evident that the VA’s self-executing and legislative intent was not the reality. With injuries sustained in service and filed timely upon discharge; the VA still refused to recognize these sacrifices. Often times finding irrelevant reasons to deny or not reviewing the evidence that is listed in the record. Seeing these simple errors and understanding that this reality must be happening to the majority of veterans, created a motivation and desire to make a change. This Firm is premised on serving our brothers and sisters, their surviving spouses, and all dependents. Education, research, and personal knowledge about the history of each claim is paramount to understanding the future of a veteran’s disabilities. The history of the veteran’s service and the development conducted by the VA are the key areas we mine to ensure that the VA handled your claims appropriately.

Staff Bios

William Sterbinsky

William “Bill” Sterbinsky, Esq. is a Florida native that comes from a family of military veterans.  At the age of 18, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served four years from 2003 to 2007. During his time in the Marines, he worked as a Security Forces Marine and then deployed to Iraq with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines, Weapons Company.  He spent 10 months in Iraq fighting in the Al Qaim Province, north of the Euphrates River.

After his Discharge, he pursued a history degree at the University of South Florida where he found a passion for all things military.  Also, while pursuing his education and dealing with VA claims for himself, he found that the VA system did not operate properly.  He witnessed many errors and unjustified delays.  This new chapter and understanding propelled him into law school where he studied VA claims.

After graduating law school, he started working for the prosecutor’s office in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit, in Florida.  One of his greatest achievements was helping build a Veteran’s Treatment Court.  A court constructed to offer second chances to veterans that found themselves troubled by the judicial system.  Those courts are still actively operating today.

Also, during this time, Bill is a co-founder of a local non-profit called SRQ VETS.  He and a few local veterans witnessed many voids within their community that were adding stressors to the lives of veterans.  As such, they created a 100% volunteer non-profit that assist local veterans in their times of need.  The true value of this non-profit is to take care of our own. This non-profit continues its mission still to this day.

Today, with an experienced team of veterans and the knowledge obtained through the years, Veterans Affairs Law, P.A. continues to provide legal representation to veterans nation-wide.  This team helps veterans fight the VA for benefits provided under the law.  The team researches service treatment records, military personnel records, command chronologies, prior decisions, helps file claims, argues for discharge upgrades, assists in filing for Board of Correction of Military records, and assists survivor dependents on all matters involving the VA.

These fights can be arduous but the elements or persistence, creativity, and patience have proven to be valuable attributes.  We are in Sarasota, FL and serve all veterans Nation-Wide. Our phone number is 941-552-6677 and you can email Bill at, bill@veteransaffairslaw.com.

Brian Keisacker

VA Accredited Attorney, Brian Keisacker, is a 5th generation Sarasota Florida native who served in the United States Air Force as a medical laboratory technician at Walson Army Hospital on Fort Dix, New Jersey. After his service, he used his military training to carry on his career in the medical field, managing a blood center and reference laboratory.

He attended Stetson University College of Law. He graduated Stetson with Cum Laude honors. Importantly, during his time at Stetson, Brian took what would prove to be a fortuitous internship alongside now fellow Veterans Affairs Law attorney, Bill Sterbinsky. 

Following law school, Brian was admitted to the Florida Bar and practiced throughout the state as a civil litigator at the trial and appellate level, focusing on real property and construction related disputes. During this time he increased his community involvement serving on the Sarasota County General Contractors Licensing and Examining Board, local PTO boards, The BSA Scouts, and with SRQ Vets. 

With the veteran connection to SRQ Vets, and the history with Bill Sterbinsky, the move to Veterans Affairs Law was an easy transition. The ability to provide a meaningful benefit to deserving veterans far outweighed the allure of the civil courtroom. Brian is proud to serve those who have served, their dependents and survivors navigate all facets of the arduous VA process.

Carly Weakland:

Originally from Michigan, Carly joined the Navy at 18 and left right after graduating high school. She served 7 years as a Hospital Corpsman. For years Carly was attached to the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, located in Hawaii. The other three years were spent in the medical field administering medical care to service members at two large Naval hospitals on the east coast.

After discharge, she worked at Camp Pendleton assisting Corpsman at an aid station for multiple Marine logistics units. During Covid, she moved to Florida to continue her service and to help veterans.

Carly reenlisted in the Navy reserve for 2 years, attempting to serve her shipmates in the stressful and high stakes environment.  Her background in medicine led to a career in the laboratory field. While working as a phlebotomist, she received notice that she was selected for a long-awaited position at the VA.

The VA job was ok, but she felt driven to do more for the veteran community. Carly started her legal studies and courses in college.  That’s when it all clicked! With this new knowledge, combined with her life experiences in the Navy, working for the VA, and her desire to continue service she embarked on this journey using these skills to serve veterans, nation-wide. Veterans Affairs Law, PA became the beacon which guided her to this career.

Carly's unwavering passion and extensive expertise empower veterans to receive the benefits they rightfully deserve. She fights tirelessly to ensure that every veteran, surviving spouse, and family member is properly compensated for their service and sacrifice, even when the VA wrongfully denies their claims. With Carly by their side, veterans can rest assured that they have a steadfast ally in their corner.

Christopher Neeley

Christopher “Chris” Neeley was born in central Virginia and raised among a family of veterans and law enforcement. Following the example of both of his grandfathers, Chris served his country by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps at age 19, serving for five years from 2012 to 2017 on active duty. During his time in the Marine Corps, Chris served as a C-130 Powerline Mechanic, working on the engines and propellers of the aircraft of VMGR-352, as well as Marksmanship Coach with MCAS Miramar Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron in San Diego, California.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Chris chose to return east and make Florida his new home where he pursued and obtained a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement operations at Keiser University in Sarasota, Florida. Driven by a desire to help others, Chris found a calling as a veterans’ benefits paralegal at Veterans Affairs Law, P.A., where he proudly helps and stands with his brothers and sisters in their continued fights with the VA.

With a wealth of real time experience, a passion to serve his brothers and sisters, the desire to see that the families of veterans are cared for beyond the grave, and an incredible attention to detail, Chris is uniquely capable at searching the service treatment records and military personnel records to help support every VA Claim.  His knowledge of command chronologies and history supplements his abilities and help serve all veterans, Nation-Wide.


Marina LaGasse

Marina is a Sarasota Native who graduated from Riverview Highschool in 2013. She went on to get her associate in arts from Tallahassee Community College, in 2016. After college, Marina started her career working for the 12th Judicial Circuit Court, alongside her mother, and Attorney Sterbinsky. After processing hundreds of felony records for the county of Sarasota, Marina went on to work for a Personal Injury firm here in town, but she knew that wasn’t enough for her full potential.

Marina was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work alongside Attorney Sterbinsky for a second time. Without hesitation, she took the job knowing what an amazing impact he and his team has on her local community and Veterans Nation-Wide. Marina, though not a Veteran, shares a deep compassion for those who fought and still do fight for our country.  Her attention to detail, ability to handle high volume caseloads, and impeccable organization allow this team to thrive in an area where the VA often falls short.

Marina loves the beach, football season, spending time with her family and friends, and balancing the harmony of her two other part-time jobs. 

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